The Teddy's Story

Teddy's as a brand has been down a winding road for the past three years with its fair share of bumps throughout! Through this journey Teddy's has been shaped by many experiences, memories and people we've met along the way. 

Going right back to our roots in 2016, Teddy's began as a humble Apothecary, hand crafting men's grooming products and tattoo care products in a kitchen in North Wales using locally sourced natural ingredients. 

We built an online following and took our products to markets, events and festivals across Wales where they proved a hit. We even won a business award from the Welsh Government! However, an aspect people began to enjoy the most was our artwork and branding. We were finding ourselves often being asked if we sell T-shirts or had any plans to.

So in 2017; we launched our first design in our clothing range under the name 'Teddy's Custom's'. Our design featured a suave, bearded, skeletal character we named Ted, wearing traditional Teddy Boy attire. 

Before we knew it, the T Shirt's were outselling our apothecary products which had built us a following of beard and tattoo enthusiasts with interests in motorbikes, music, and skating. The perfect audience for our branding and clothing. 

We quickly expanded our range and began customising clothing with our trusty sewing machine and using dye's to make unique items for our customers.

Everything was fantastic but unfortunately in 2018, life got in the way. We were forced to take a break from the business for personal reasons but always hoped to return.

January 2019, we're back! We've said goodbye to Teddy's Apothecary and we're focusing on Teddy's Customs. We've got big plans and hope you stick with us on this journey!

Teddy's Customs Apparel North Wales