Rain Launched in Colwyn Bay

The Rain Supply is open

After months of planning, designing and hard graft, our good friends have opened 'Rain.'; a clothing shop stocking independent labels from the UK, such as Thunder Apparel, Live Without Regret, Emib, Avenue Wave Club, Ravenous and Appelle Moi.

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The shop is located on Sea View Road, Colwyn Bay and was founded by Dani Washington, musician and drummer of the pop punk band ‘Neck Deep’. However, with a busy touring schedule in 2017, Mark Villamin, Jack Bluff and Safi Jhurry have stepped in to help manage the shop in his absence.

It's this support from friends that has seen the shop gutted, renovated and launched in a matter of weeks. The deep purple walls of the hairdressers before it have been tamed and the space is now bright and open. The design is clean and simple; three rails, one long table, mirrors and a counter. It’s minimalist and it works beautifully.

Rain. Clothing Labels
It seems only five minutes since I was with Dani at the viewing. The premises was smaller than others he had considered and had less foot traffic, yet there was something about it that struck a chord with Dani. Within minutes it was obvious he had a vision for the space and knew exactly how he wanted it to look and feel.

Roll on a couple of months to the launch date and any reservations were put to bed as Dani walked past the queue of eagerly waiting customers to open the shop door.

Rain. Colwyn Bay Launch Day

Sales on their first day far exceeded their expectations, much to the delight of all involved. Some customers were local and others had travelled especially, from as far as London.

The shop remained lively all day until the launch party which only saw it step up a gear. The shop floor was cleared of its rails and stock and the windows blacked out as friends poured in from across the UK to celebrate this achievement.

Sleazy F Baby & Patrice

The counter became a space to perform for DJ Patrice and rapper Sleazy F Baby, a crowd formed, music played, cameras flashed and all the while through the hype you had to pinch yourself that you weren’t in a venue or a city, this is Colwyn Bay.

Sleazy F Baby & Patrice

A couple of days later I went back to the shop to see everyone. The shop had been put right and all evidence of the prior madness gone. The Rain team were present and as usual a handful of our friends hanging out and pitching in. A Nintendo 64 was hooked up to the TV above the counter and staff and customers alike were racing each other on Mario Kart.

It's this collective of friends and the laid back vibe it brings that gives the shop its inviting appeal and magnetism.

Dani Washington Rain.

Sleazy posted a video of the launch day on Twitter;

So from us at Teddy's, congratulations guys! It's great to see more young people starting businesses in North Wales. 

We wish you all the best.

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Photography; Adam Mane

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